We help our clients build secure and flexible management programs.
Our consultants and subject matter experts deliver solutions that are customer-focused
and value-driven.  Our solutions include business insights and outcome based solutions around all aspects of technology like project management and process optimization to application development, digital strategies & execution, and infrastructure services. Utilizing top technology professionals in their respective fields, we build unique solutions for clients across the U.S.







Organization assessment uses industry benchmarks to assess your IT department and the suitability of staffing levels, skills,
and the balance of workforce to workload by IT tier. In addition, we evaluate your IT training programs, IT management structure,
and compensation levels to ensure your organization is achieving maximum efficiency, employee satisfaction, and employee retention.

Cloud technology has revolutionized the way modern businesses operate, unleashing new levels of flexibility, scalability, and agility. Migrating on-premise solutions to the cloud carries a host of benefits for your business, but it can also pose significant risks. Spneedel Technologies, Inc. can help your business understand the risks posed by its cloud technology, implement a robust cloud security strategy, and implement or integrate new tools into your environment.

Spneedel Technologies, Inc. helps companies secure critical systems, processes, and data by helping them assess the risks associated with their cloud systems and applications. Whether you need help evaluating and testing the security of a specific application, or you need an assessment of your overall cloud strategy, our team has the best-practice knowledge and proven experience to support you through the process.


Take advantage of global talent, born-in-the-cloud IT environments, and established collaboration processes. Our .NET dedicated resources are ramped-up based on your skills and project requirements.

DevOps is so recent within the staffing environment that there is a great deal of uncertainty as to the skill sets that it actually requires. There is a huge and growing demand for DevOps engineers, but nobody has yet decided exactly what that role encompasses. The DevOps engineer role centers on the operations side, focusing on developing a new skill set to aid in software rollouts and bridging the gap between development and usable software. 

Most people have heard of Java, but few actually understand Java’s unique role in programming and development. Java, which includes a programming language and a development platform, is a set of software that works synergistically across multiple platforms. Unlike, say Objective C, a programming language for Mac and iOS, Java works on any type of hardware, including both Macs and PCs, and on any Internet browser.

Part creative professional and part engineer, a Java developer can help your business create websites and web-based applications from the ground up. Despite the ubiquity of the software, however, very few IT recruitment agencies actually understand how to find experienced and talented Java professionals. If you’re looking for a Java pro to build your next product, count on Spneedel Technologies, Inc. to find the best talent available.

Spneedel Technologies, Inc. is experienced in recruiting for python developers. Moreover, we understand the specific-skill sets required for this position. Therefore, our technical recruiters ensure our candidates have the necessary background in order to successfully complete the job.

Major corporations and smaller businesses across all industries are searching for ways to implement and integrate Cloud technology. The Computer Merchant has multiple Cloud computing service offerings designed to recruit the talent and skill necessary for Cloud and IT growth. We are committed to cost-effective and cutting-edge innovation that will allow businesses to stay competitive in the fast-paced market.